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“Our diversified portfolio of Product and Integration Capabilities allows us to provide complete perimeter defense solutions from start to finish.” – Ramon Tico, Vice President, Betafence Americas

Industry Leading: Product Development & Manufacturing

SecureUSA® has been a product innovator from inception, more than 15 years ago. As early as 1999, we invented shallow SideWALK® bollards, decorative bollard enhancements, all-electric, retractable SENTRY Bollards, and FutureWEDGE® Active Vehicle Barriers and Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS). We manufacture all of our own product line, do all custom design control engineering, and mechanical engineering in-house.

Design, Engineering & Development: IPDS Security Solutions

Over the years, we Listened to our customers, and as unique needs developed, we Designed workable solutions to Deliver the necessary stand-off and hardening of perimeters for all forms of at-risk facilities. As the demand for perimeter security has matured, SecureUSA® has been the leader in creating Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS) that integrates perimeter vehicle barrier, bollard, and fencing hardware with Intrusion Detection products and Access Control solutions, to create a seamless perimeter defense system that can be monitored and controlled locally or remotely.

Automation, Networking & Control: Security System Integration

As technology has advanced, SecureUSA® has continued to be a leader in designing and delivering integrated perimeter defense solutions that can be fully automated with remote control from decentralized locations with the use of SMART networking capability. Our all-electric range of crash-rated vehicle barriers and retractable bollards are designed for today’s intelligent perimeter defense needs and can be seamlessly integrated with all types of security systems, creating a fully networked holistic solution.

Certified Installation: Project Management

As the security marketplace has become more competitive, many organizations claim to have the ability to supply and install vehicle barriers and bollard systems. It has been proven time and time again that inexperienced contractors who attempt to install perimeter security devices soon discover that it is not as easy as it first appears. Perimeter defense solutions are designed to provide hardened standoff of at risk facilities and prevent unauthorized vehicular and pedestrian entry. All equipment utilized for this purpose is quite sophisticated and to be able to provide the protection required by the client organization, it is essential that the installation be performed strictly to manufacturer’s installation guidelines. SecureUSA® can supply complete turnkey systems, or offer project management to ensure a third party installation is carried out to manufacturers’ specifications.

Nationwide 24/7/365 Hot Line: Service And Repairs

SecureUSA® was started as a specialized service and repair organization for perimeter security systems. We have been providing that service to client companies for more than 15 years. Today, we are still the only fully-qualified organization capable of working on all makes of vehicle barrier and bollard systems. We offer annual fixed price contracts or we can be deployed on an ad-hoc basis. Experience does count!

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