Security Design Engineering

A Leading, Global Provider of Perimeter Defense Solutions. Since 1995, SecureUSA® has been providing physical perimeter security solutions to mitigate risk and protect against terrorist actions.

In the changing world of increased terrorism, aggressors, and theft tactics, the technology, equipment offering, and standards are constantly changing. Now with government regulations and authoritative standards, meeting security requirements is a serious challenge.

Security Consulting

SecureUSA®’s Consulting Group provides in-depth perimeter security analysis, recommendations, design solutions, and budget projections. Our team of professionals have the experience and resources you need to make cost-effective and environmentally-friendly design-build security decisions for your site.

Design Engineering

Engineering is a key element in many perimeter security projects that sometimes gets overlooked or, on many occasions, done poorly through a lack of specific knowledge. If the drawings, specifications, submittals, layout, and equipment design are not done correctly, the end result will often be much different than what was initially anticipated. SecureUSA®’s civil, mechanical, and electrical teams work diligently on each individual project to ensure all information is correct and project documentation is complete.

SecureUSA® provides a complete engineering team to help you take your perimeter security project from conception, ideas, and planning through to designs, layouts, and specifications. SecureUSA® employs an experienced engineering team that understands perimeter security concepts and designs. We can ensure that the right security solution designed for you on paper will be the same solution that is eventually constructed at your site. SecureUSA® has the capability to take your ideas and recommendations and create a complete package ready to go out for bid or to your project management team.

SecureUSA® offers the following engineering services:

  • Design layout and assistance
  • Equipment design and layout
  • Custom perimeter security designs and renovations
  • Systems engineering and detailed operations
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Preparation of submittals
  • Preparation of drawings
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