SecureUSA® offers complete Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions that integrate with all other security components.

We Offer Real Solutions. SecureUSA® has been the undisputed leader for Perimeter Defense Solutions for almost two decades. Our innovation has created shallow foundation bollards, decorative bollards, all-electric shallow foundation active vehicle barriers, all-electric retractable bollards, as well as thousands of custom designed, engineered, fixed bollard systems.

Today, we are leading our market space again, with turnkey intelligent perimeter defense solutions (IPDS) that create a quantum leap in perimeter security technology. SecureUSA® can fully integrate all components that make up perimeter stand-off, intrusion detection, and access control into one seamless command and control center. We are “helping to create a safer future®.”

Industry Leading: 100% Active Electric Products – LEED Qualification

Green, energy-efficient, and easy to install, all-electric systems provide higher duty cycles with less maintenance and repair costs, which equals lower life cycle costs! SecureUSA® has been able to achieve landmark success over a period of seven years by designing and bringing to market pollution-free LEED qualifying products (up to six categories) that offer the speed of hydraulic systems with the added advantage of PLC controls and touchscreen operator functionality. We can seamlessly integrate our active perimeter security products with all other electronic systems, such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and command and control centers.

Design, Engineering & Development: In-house Capability

Experience Does Count! With more than 15 years of experience specializing in perimeter security, SecureUSA® can assist owners, architectural and engineering firms, general contractors, and governmental agencies with the design of projects that can include; identification of a facility\’s real security deficiencies, determination of the most desirable stand-off and crash ratings, selection of the correct equipment to provide the best defense, provide civil and electrical layout drawings, develop an action plan for execution of the perimeter security, coordinate a flowchart for inclusion in the overall project schedule, and provide custom engineering for special equipment that may be needed.

Automation, Networking & Control: Security System Integration

Before and then after 9/11 for at least 8-9 years, the general perception of perimeter defense was the installation of legacy hydraulic vehicle barriers and bollards to protect an entrance to a facility. As is the case with all markets, there is a slowing down of “knee-jerk” reaction to a perceived problem, leading to the maturing of that market space. This has been the case with perimeter defense since 2007-2008 and we have seen a growing demand for pollution free active security products and the ability to integrate those products with intrusion detection, access control, cameras, DVR, alarm intercom, lighting and other electronic equipment. SecureUSA® foresaw this change as early as 2005 and today we offer complete integration services no matter if the components are from a single manufacturer or multiple manufactures, we can provide a seamless, simple, consistent, and easy-to-use control point for operators. All of this can be connected back to the master command and control center where our proprietary touch screen(s) and powerful software provides a simple common user interface for various security and information subsystems operations.

Certified Installation: Project Management

As the security marketplace has become more competitive, many organizations claim to have the ability to supply and install the vast array of perimeter security components, including vehicle barriers and bollard systems. It has been proven time and time again that inexperienced contractors who attempt to install perimeter security devices soon discover that it is not as easy as it first appears. Perimeter defense solutions are designed to provide detection and hardened standoff of at risk facilities and prevent unauthorized vehicular and pedestrian entry. All equipment utilized for this purpose is quite sophisticated and to be able to provide the protection required by the client organization, it is essential that the installation be performed strictly to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. SecureUSA® can supply complete turnkey systems, or offer project management to ensure a third party installation is carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Nationwide 24/7/365 Hot Line: Service And Repairs

SecureUSA® started out as a service and repair company for perimeter barrier and bollard systems and today is the only company in North America offering a nationwide 24/7/365 EMERGENCY HOT LINE for perimeter security systems. We offer annual and multi-year contracts as well as ad-hoc service, repairs, and replacement of antiquated legacy hydraulic equipment.

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