SecureUSA®’s largest investment, after product research and development, is personnel development and training programs. Our industry leading training program is expected to lift the industry not just our employees.

We invest in a dedicated training officer and a dedicated fully-furnished training center with all the latest technology, training tools, and hands-on equipment for the tactile learner. Our training programs have been refined and developed with the flexibility to adapt during the last 15 years of rapidly changing technology and advancements in the industry. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the beneficial advances in our industry and sharing that information with our direct employees and our preferred vendors.

Every employee at SecureUSA® and all of our vendors are required to attend training classes at regular intervals. As a rapidly growing small business, SecureUSA® demands of each employee expertise in multiple areas and disciplines. Every employee must demonstrate his or her level of expertise before they are allowed to directly interact with our customer base without direct supervision. Employees and vendors receive immediate feedback while participating in one of our directly supervised training programs. Every employee, from the CEO to the janitor that comes in on weekends, receives training to ensure all work is completed the SUSA way.


Online Access
Regularly Scheduled Instructor Led Training
Versatile and Flexible
Interactive Computer Technology
Hands on Training
Equipment of Other Manufacturers
Dedicated Work Stations and Training Modules
ASIS Physical Security Professional Certification
Operational Theory Training
Industry Leading Installation Standards
Fluid Dynamics
Electrical and Electronic Circuitry
Communications and Programing
OSHA Safety
Hazmat Certification
Lockout Tagout Procedures
Confined Space Entry


Certified Technicians and Installers
Professional and Knowledgeable Engineers and Sales Force
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Reduced Down Time
Effective and Efficient Diagnosis of Problems in the Equipment of Other Manufactures
One Stop Shopping
Solutions, Not Excuses

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