Removable Bollards – Ideal for Occasional Road Access

Removable Bollards

SecureUSA®‘s Removable Bollards offer the solutions for those entrance areas that need to be secured with fixed bollards but at times access is required for vehicular entry, such as emergency lanes, fire brigade entry, or even window cleaning machinery for high rise buildings.

SecureUSA®’s Removable Bollard Series is a system utilizing a tamper-proof locking mechanism. The bollards are removed manually, providing a cost effective solution for areas where vehicle access is rarely needed. Any of SecureUSA®’s decorative sleeves can be fitted to the Retractable Bollard Range allowing for a standard aesthetically pleasing security appearance for an entire facility.
Urban Environments
National Landmarks
Downtown Streetscapes
Corporate Headquarters
Transit Authorities
Defense Facilities
Stadiums and Arenas
Quick Manual Removal
Crash Rated Option
Tamper Proof
Shallow Mount Option
Low Cost Installation
Custom Paint Scheme
Low Maintenance Costs
Pedestrian Friendly
Multiple Control Options
Improved Traffic Flow
No Hydraulics
EPA Friendly/Pollution Free
Lower Installation Cost
Lower Maintenance
Lower Lifetime Cost
Product Models
Model # Bollard Height Bollard Diam. Crash Rating Decorative Options
RB3006-2 30” (760mm) 6” (150mm) PU40 (K2) 10,000 lbs @ 40 mph Yes
RB3606-4 36” (915mm) 6” (150mm) M30 (K4) 15,000 lbs @ 30 mph* Yes
RB3608-8 36” (915mm) 8” (200mm) M40 (K8) 15,000 lbs @ 40 mph* Yes
RB3610-12 36” (915mm) 10” (250mm) M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs @ 50 mph* Yes

*6,803 kg @ 48.3, 64.4, 80.4 kph, *Manual and Electric Bollards are also Available Product Code MB or EB in lieu of RB


Manual Removal

The Removable Bollard utilizes a tamper-proof locking mechanism to guard against unauthorized removal. The Removable Bollards can be matched with our fixed bollards to create a seamless aesthetic line of crash rated bollards. The Removable Bollards are a practical solution for maintenance and emergency entrances.

Cost Effective & Practical

The Removable Bollard Series is a practical solution for many locations where vehicular access to secure locations is seldom required. The Removable Bollard is significantly less expensive in cost and installation compared with other active bollards.

Crash Rated Applications

The Removable Bollard Series range from low level security for easy removal to high security with an ASTM-M50 (K12) stopping power of a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 50 mph. They are an excellent solution for emergency entrances and roadways where a high level of protection is needed. The bollards can also be fitted with decorative sleeves to enhance the appearance of your entrances and perimeter while also maintaining a high level of security.

Decorative Aluminium Bollards

Aluminum Decorative Bollard Design 1Aluminum Decorative Bollard Design 2Aluminum Decorative Bollard Design 3Aluminum Decorative Bollard Design 4Aluminum Decorative Bollard Design 5Aluminum Decorative Bollard Design 6

Decorative Steel Bollards

Steel Decorative Bollard Design 1Steel Decorative Bollard Design 2Steel Decorative Bollard Design 3Steel Decorative Bollard Design 4Steel Decorative Bollard Design 5Steel Decorative Bollard Design 6