SENTRY Fire Bollards – Approved by the NY Fire Department for Use in Fire Lanes

SENTRY Fire Bollards – Approved by the NY Fire Department for Use in Fire Lanes

The SecureUSA® patented Fire Bollard® was first designed for the NY Fire Department in 2002 to provide controlled entry of fire lanes in and around urban facilities.

It is an easy to install, shallow foundation bollard system that provides complete traffic control and can be integrated with any other bollard solution to offer a seamless appearance.

The Fire Bollard™ Series (FB) is the only removable bollard certified by the New York Fire Department and other major cities to be installed in fire and emergency access lanes. These bollards are designed to be removed only by first responder personnel in the event of an emergency requiring secure fast access. The bollards are equipped with a custom designed security release prohibiting the removal by anyone except emergency personnel possessing the matched key mechanism.
Urban Environments
National Landmarks
Downtown Streetscapes
Corporate Headquarters
Transit Authorities
Defense Facilities
Stadiums and Arenas
Removable Bollard
Custodian Lock
Emergency Accessible
Decorative Sleeves
Low 1’ or 2’ foot foundation
Up to 15,000 lbs. @ 30 mph
Custom Design Options
Quick and Easy to Remove
Pedestrian Friendly
Multiple Control Options
Improved Traffic Flow
No Hydraulics
EPA Friendly/Pollution Free
Lower Installation Cost
Lower Maintenance
Lower Lifetime Cost
Product Models
Model # Bollard Height Bollard Diam. Crash Rating Decorative Options
FB3006-2 30” (760mm) 6” (150mm) P40 (K2) 5,000 lbs @ 40 mph Yes
FB3606-4 36” (915mm) 6” (150mm) PU40 (K4) 10,000 lbs @ 40 mph* Yes
FB3608-8 36” (915mm) 8” (200mm) M30 (K4) 15,000 lbs @ 30 mph* Yes

*6,803 kg @ 48.3, 64.4 kph, *Manual Versions Available Product Code MB in lieu of EB


Emergency Access Only

This revolutionary bollard design uses a customized custodian lock mechanism to lock the removable bollard in place. The city’s emergency personnel, such as the police and the fire department, are the only ones that have access to remove the bollard.

Customized Design

Just because it’s a security bollard doesn’t mean it can’t match your site’s specific architectural design. The Fire Bollard™ comes in several design appearances to match other installed bollards to enhance the look of your facility, while also providing the physical protection your facility needs.

Crash Rating

The Fire Bollard™ Series bollards come in two different crash ratings to meet your sites specific security requirements. The SU-BX310 can stop and immobilize a 10,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 30 mph while the SU-BX320 can stop and immobilize a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 30 mph.