SideWALK® Shallow Bollards

The SideWALK® Shallow Bollards range is a practical solution for downtown street-scapes and other areas where standard depth excavation is not an option.

Shallow Bollards

These bollards carry an ASTM-C40 to M50 crash rating giving your facility the security it needs while also having decorative options to enhance your perimeter aesthetics. The SideWALK® shallow mount bollards were developed to overcome the installation challenges commonly found in urban environments where underground infrastructure and utilities prevent deeper excavation.


Urban Streetscapes
Corporate Headquarters
Airports/Post Tension Slabs
College Campuses
Municipal Buildings
Data Centers


ADA Compliant
Low as 6” Foundation
Decorative Options
Stainless Steel Options
Stone/Marble Options
Flexible Installation
Flexible Around Obstructions


Pedestrian Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
Design Your Own Solutions
Single Unit Installation
Low Cost Installation
Adaptive to Grade Changes
Sidewalk Compatible

Product Models

Product # Depth Height Diameter Crash Rating
SSB3006 6″ 30″ 6″ ASTM-C40 2,430 lbs. @ 40 mph*
SWB3608-4 9″ 36″ 8″ ASTM-M40 (K4) 15,000 lbs. @ 30 mph**
SWB3910-8 9″ 39″ 10″ ASTM-M50 (K8) 15,000 lbs. @ 40 mph**
SWB4210-12 9″ 42″ 10″ ASTM-M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs. @ 50 mph**

*1,100 kg. @ 48.3 kph; **6,803 kg. @ 48.3 kph, 64.4 kph, 80.4 kph

Shallow Bollards
Shallow Bollards
Shallow Bollards

Shallow Foundation

The SideWALK® Shallow Bollards Series was developed to overcome installation challenges associated with urban environments. Standard crash rated bollards typically require foundation depths of up to three feet or more to achieve desired crash ratings. In major metropolitan cities where the area under the pavement and streets are crowded with utilities and other infrastructure, a four foot foundation is virtually impossible.

Flexible Installation

The SideWALK® Shallow Bollards Series consists of individual bollards that are easy to install even when the terrain causes each of the bollards to change slope and grade. This is a unique design for shallow foundation crash rated bollards as all other manufacturers use a sled design comprising less flexible bollard sets. This allows bollard installation around typical obstructions.

Pedestrian Friendly

The main benefit of choosing SideWALK® Shallow Bollards to create a stand off is the ability to restrict vehicular access without obstructing pedestrian access. The SideWALK® Shallow Bollards are designed to meet ADA spacing requirements while maintaining the site-specific crash rating.

Decorative Designs

The SideWALK® Shallow Bollards series stands alone in the industry with its wide range of aesthetically pleasing options. The most common aluminum styles can be powder coated to a range of colors and textures including lighting and reflective safety stripes. The stainless steel, stone, and resin options can add architectural decor to your facility. You do not have to sacrifice your sites streetscapes or facility’s appearance to meet security standards.

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