The all electric FutureWEDGE® 3600 is the obvious choice for stopping and immobilizing a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph with zero penetration.

A flush surface, super shallow foundation makes this surface vehicle barrier the number one choice for securing a facility at the ASTM-M50 (DoS-K12) crash certification level.

Surface Vehicle Barrier

The FutureWEDGE® 3600 is an all electric, final denial, flush surface vehicle barrier. With a super shallow sub-frame (depth of only 12″) combined with the wedge plate design, this barrier is the logical choice when looking for an electric active vehicle barrier. The all electric, precision design is environmentally preferable and provides smooth operation, increased traffic flow, and reduced maintenance. The FutureWEDGE® 3600 qualifies for up to six LEED categories, has lower life cycle costs, is easy to install, and we offer extended warranty options. The flush surface design does not inhibit any aspect of the roadway (including snowplows) when in the down position.


Petrochemical Facilities
Nuclear/Energy Sites
Defense Facilities
Federal Agencies
Data Centers
Water Treatment Facilities
Logistics/Transport Hubs

Product Features

Flush Surface Design
Super Shallow 12″ Subframe
Dual Actuators/Spring Assist
PLC/VFD Controlled
Touchscreen Operation
Battery Backup/UPS Option
SkidKOTE Anti-Skid Plate
New Technology

Benefits to Operator/User

Winter/Snowplow Ready
Lower Cost Installation
Increased Reliability
Designed for Integration
Ideal for Master Control
Continuous Cycles
Designed with Safety in Mind
Lower Maintenance

Product Models

Product # Barrier Depth Plate Height Road Width Crash Rating
SHF3608 12″ (305mm) 36″ (915mm) up to 14′ (4.3m) M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs @ 50 mph (6,803.9 kg @ 80.5 kph)
SHF3610 12″ (305mm) 36″ (915mm) up to 16′ (4.9m) M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs @ 50 mph (6,803.9 kg @ 80.5 kph)
SHF3612 12″ (305mm) 36″ (915mm) up to 18′ (5.5m) M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs @ 50 mph (6,803.9 kg @ 80.5 kph)
SHF3614 12″ (305mm) 36″ (915mm) up to 20′ (6.7m) M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs @ 50 mph (6,803.9 kg @ 80.5 kph)
Surface Vehicle Barrier
Surface Vehicle Barrier
Surface Vehicle Barrier

All Electric Operation

The FutureWEDGE® 3600 surface vehicle barrier is all electric with no hydraulics or associated hazardous fluids. The electric design reduces unwanted breakdowns associated with traditional hydraulic systems and common wearing components such as hoses, cylinders, HPU, etc. The electro-mechanical drive features smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation capable of continuous duty cycles.

Built for Integration

The FutureWEDGE® 3600 utilizes sophisticated PLC and VFD drives to allow for customized operation and communication. The PLC also allows the barrier to be easily integrated with other perimeter security components such as wrong way/speed detection, access controls, traffic controllers, automatic doors, CCTV, gates, and other intrusion devices. We can custom design master command and control utilizing touchscreen technology.

LEEDs Environmentally Preferable

With the all electric design, low emitting materials, qualified manufacturing points, and environmental sustainability, the FutureWEDGE® 3600 can contribute to as many as six LEED categories. The majority of city boards of management are refusing to allow hydraulic systems to be drained into their sewage systems, so the pollution-free advantage of the FutureWEDGE® 3600S makes total sense.

Low Installation Costs

The FutureWEDGE® 3600 surface vehicle barrier is a shallow foundation, flush surface barrier designed for minimal excavation with maximum security. The barrier subframe is only 12″ (300mm) deep. With no cumbersome hydraulic hoses and HPU unit to install, the FutureWEDGE® 3600 offers lower cost installation. The super shallow design reduces the amount of excavation necessary to achieve the ASTM-M50 (K12) rating when compared to other competitive barriers. The vehicle barrier is self-contained and arrives fully assembled ready to be placed in the foundation, finished with rebar, and concrete poured.

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