FutureWEDGE® 2400 – All Electric Active Vehicle Barrier

The most advanced and versatile active vehicle barrier designed for parking garages, stadium entrances, and any lower threat situation requiring crash rating, capable of complete integration with any access control system.The FutureWEDGE® 2400 electric vehicle barrier is a single buttress bolt down design, offering effective traffic control with crash rated protection.

Vehicle Barrier

It is an ideal solution for parking garages, colleges, business and educational campuses, and stadium access points requiring crash rated protection at an affordable price. The FutureWEDGE® 2400 has a plate height of 24 inches in the fully armed position and is capable of stopping and immobilizing a 5,070 lb vehicle traveling at 40 mph, commonly referred to as a K2/PU40 crash rating. Single entrances up to 15 feet in width can be secured with this vehicle barrier. It is standard with LED stop/go lights and can be ordered with a fully-integrated gate arm assembly.

Features That Make a Difference

100% All Electric
Simple Bolt Down – Surface Mounted
Single Day Installation
Ethernet Ready
Integrated LED Traffic Lights
Optional integrated traffic arm

Benefits to the Owner/User

Pollution free
Easy Installation
Lower Cost
Works with Any Access Control
Longer Life – Better Visibility
One Complete System

General Specifications

24″ Plate Height
Up to 15 ft. Lane Closure
Self-contained Unit
ASTM PU40 Crash Rating
Stop and immobilize a 10,000 lb. vehicle at 30 mph

The FutureWEDGE® 2400 vehicle barrier pollution free solution utilizes an electric actuator. There are no Hydraulic hoses or polluting oil, which are common causes of barrier failure and costly maintenance. This precision built new generation barrier reduces installation and maintenance costs, while improving reliability. Any electrical current can be used to power the barrier. The FutureWEDGE® 2400 vehicle barrier features a motor design that provides greater utilization of the incoming power supply and improves efficiency. High duty cycles for traffic control and lower maintenance costs are features of this barrier. Our all electric design is an environmentally friendly option to protect your facility with minimum maintenance for lower overall cost of ownership. Our product can qualify for up to 6 LEED points.

Product Models

Product # Foundation Plate Height Road Width Crash Rating
SMS2408 0″ 24″ (610mm) 11′ (3.35m) ASTM-PU40 5,070 lbs @ 40 mph (2,300 kg @ 65 kph)
SMS2410-2 0″ 24″ (610mm) 13′ (3.96m) ASTM-PU40 5,070 lbs @ 40 mph (2,300 kg @ 65 kph)
SMS2412-2 0″ 24″ (610mm) 15′ (4.57m) ASTM-PU40 5,070 lbs @ 40 mph (2,300 kg @ 65 kph)
future-wedge-2400-a- Vehicle Barrier
Vehicle Barrier
future-wedge-2400-c- Vehicle Barrier

All Electric Operation

The FutureWEDGE® 2400 range is precision designed with no hydraulics or associated hazardous fluids. Being all electric, we eliminate breakdowns associated with traditional hydraulic systems and common wearing components such as hoses, cylinders, HPU, etc. The electro-mechanical drive features smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation.

Built for Integration

The FutureWEDGE® 2400 utilizes industry leading PLC and VFD drives to allow for customized operation and communication with available touchscreen technology. The PLC also allows the barrier to be easily integrated with other perimeter security systems such as speed detection, access controls, traffic loops, automatic doors, CCTV, gates, and other intrusion devices.

LEEDs Environmentally Preferable

With the all electric design, low emitting materials, qualified manufacturing points, and environmental sustainability, the FutureWEDGE® 2400 can contribute to LEEDS certification in up to six strategic categories.

Easy Installation (Surface Mounted)

The FutureWEDGE® 2400 features easy and simple installation with its bolt down, surface-mounted design. No need for excavation and other costly construction requirements. The FutureWEDGE® 2400 series can be put in place and fully operational within one working day, allowing you to minimize lane closures.

Low Maintenance

The electric design reduces unwanted breakdowns associated with traditional hydraulic systems and commonly failing components such as hoses, cylinders, HPU, etc. The electro-mechanical drive features smooth and quiet operation.

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