Intrusion Detection

Terrorist attacks using Person-Borne IEDs (PBIED) and Vehicle-Borne IEDs (VBIED) remain a global problem.

This threat has driven a growing number of DoD, homeland security, defense organizations, and “at-risk” commercial facilities to create standoff zones at the perimeter of their facilities utilizing physical defense technologies and intrusion detection equipment.

Intrusion Detection

The purpose of a standoff zone utilizing vehicle barriers, crash rated fences, and intrusion detection technologies is to prevent entry and determine at a safe distance, if a human subject or an approaching vehicle is carrying concealed explosives or weapons. Standoff defense and intrusion detection is perceived as the greatest challenge facing the “at-risk” communities today. The threat posed by suicide bombers is the key to the emergence of transformational counter-terror solutions, technologies, and tactics for implementation of integrated Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS).

The maturity and deployment of advanced, standoff technologies for creating a fully-integrated intelligent perimeter standoff, includes both passive and active imaging, capable of detecting and preventing entry of suicide activists and other terrorists at a safe distance. These solutions are changing the landscape of homeland security and asymmetric warfare. SecureUSA® is a global leader in the design engineering, integration, and implementation of Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS).

Intrusion Detection
Intrusion Detection
Intrusion Detection

Some options to be considered include:

    • Digital Video Cameras are replacing analog cameras and, in fact, today there are interfacing technologies that can enable a user to migrate from analog to digital progressively. This allows the customer to transition in an affordable manner and integrate perimeter security cameras with the rest of their internal camera configurations for a seamless control and command outcome. The range of digital cameras and the ability for them to satisfy any requirements that a customer may have has developed at an incredible speed in recent years.
    • Wrong Way and Overspeed Detection These desirable results can be achieved utilizing long range cameras, radars, and other technologies.
    • Microphonic Cable This uses a microphonic cable intrusion detection sensor and proven fence-mounted systems for outdoor perimeter security applications. Serving a range of markets, this system detects intruders cutting through, climbing on, or lifting the fence fabric.
    • Fiber Optic Cable (Fence Mounted & Buried Solution) These unique fiber optic cable intrusion detection sensors are used in outdoor, fence-mounted, and buried perimeter security applications. This type of sensor will detect an intruder cutting through, climbing on, or lifting the fence fabric by analyzing the signals generated by flexing the cable.
    • Strain Sensitive Cable Strain sensitive cable sensor systems detects mechanical disturbances on the fence caused by cutting, climbing, or lifting. Advanced signal processing extracts the maximum amount of data from the fence – more information means better alarm decisions.
    • Interior Wall Sensor This building interior solution is an intrusion detection sensor used to protect unsupervised building interiors. It adapts proven strain-sensitive microphonic cable technology to the specialized requirements of indoor security applications. SecureUSA® has a complete range of long-range detection and fence mounted solutions that can protect your facility from perimeter intrusion by vehicles or personnel. Our fully integrated system (IPDS) supports decision making and wide-area command and control in real time.

“SecureUSA® has supplied all electric pollution free vehicle barrier and bollard systems to protect our nation’s critical Petrochemical and Nuclear facilities, DoD and GSA facilities, Data Centers, Landmark locations and Corporate Centers.”

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