Infrastructure covers a broad segment of non-governmental industries critical to the activities of the American people.

The major segments are considered to be airports, seaports, chemical and petrochemical facilities, rail and mass transit, power and energy operations, and municipal water supply facilities. Protection of these critical functions ensures that the business of America can continue despite accidental, natural, and directed damage and/or loss of life to one or more of these segments. This has been particularly important in the years since the 9-11 event in 2001. SecureUSA® has been a part of protecting America since 1995 and we continue innovative reinvention of protection systems in the 21st century with 21st century solutions.


SecureUSA® can provide these segments of critical infrastructure Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS) anywhere along the progression line to develop, maintain, or upgrade/refresh your perimeter security. Normally, working from your risk assessment report, we can perform a site assessment with recommendations to meet the risk assessment requirements. Our expertise allows us to include in our reports actual recommended equipment and cost to provide and install the equipment.

Designing an IPDS technology-based solution is the trademark of SecureUSA®. Integration of disparate systems, normally not interconnected to provide highly responsive and sophisticated command and control, is what sets SecureUSA® apart from other companies that only consult or manufacture equipment. Since we install and maintain IPDS systems, we provide up-to-date solutions that work and can be sustained after installation.

SecureUSA® is a full-service, high-technology, design-build company. We specialize in IPDS you can rely on to help you create high-value, low-cost of ownership IPDS security systems that will provide maximum up-time using state of the art technology. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more of our story and how we can be of value to your critical infrastructure facility.

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