Federal / State

For more than a decade, SecureUSA® has been serving government agencies. Actually, our first two turnkey projects involved high-profile federal and state entities.

Our portfolio consists of prestigious customers from each type of government sector, state and federal, while providing best pricing options via our GSA schedule. Working directly with each segment has provided an understanding of the unique protocols and procedures that exist throughout the entire life cycle of a security solution: from procurement through end-user application.


Perimeter security is becoming more sophisticated as we provide innovative capabilities and integrated options in complete ‘intelligent’ hardening solutions. We continually look for avenues to update contract specialists on the latest technological offerings. Our flexible and ‘on-demand’ Maintenance and Repair and Engineering services are big advantages to our government customers as responsiveness to security issues is key to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

SecureUSA®‘s SBA and numerous WEB certifications equips contracting officers to meet stringent targets in both areas. Our corporate size and strategic configuration permits creative approaches in developing security solutions and negotiating contracts. It also allows responsiveness to terms and conditions, compliances to standards, and more. This is important as government projects typically have long lead times and moderate execution deliverables.

Our main goals are to provide government entities with the most effective solution at the most economical price. Being responsive to government sectors is a responsibility our company esteems highly as we provide expert services to protect some of our country’s most valuable resources.

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