SecureUSA® has been the undisputed leader for Perimeter Defense Solutions for almost two decades.

Today, SecureUSA® is leading the market amongst Industries in the space with turnkey intelligent perimeter defense solutions (IPDS) that create a quantum leap in perimeter security technology. can fully integrate all components that make up a perimeter stand-off, intrusion detection, and access control into one seamless command and control center.

SecureUSA® utilizes the UFC standards and other reference MILSPEC standards publications to provide intelligent perimeter defense solutions (IPDS).

Protection of these critical functions ensures that the business of America can continue despite accidental, natural and directed damage and/or loss of life to one or more of these segments.

Our portfolio consists of prestigious customers from each type of government sectors – municipalities, state and federal while providing best pricing options via our GSA schedule.

It’s not just the student and faculty population that must be kept safe, but the thousands of additional fans invading the campus and its facilities.

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